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The Definition of Good Food

I know you’ve heard or maybe have said the following:

“This is Good food.”

“This is scrumptious.”

“This is Good eatin’!!”

“This is da Bomb!!!”

“Best Meal Ever!!”

“This is delicious…”

“This is amazing…”

“I’ve never had anything like this before...”

“OMG, try this…”

I’ve also seen and heard,

“That is nasty...”

“This is bland…”

“They just threw that on the plate…”

“It is swimming in grease...”


“That looks soo disgusting…”

“This needs more salt.”

“This is TOO salty.”, etc. etc. etc. So on and so forth… I believe there is actually a TV show called “Good Eats”.

I’m sure 100’s of things have been said to describe a meal, a restaurant, someone’s Mama’s potato salad, Mac & Cheese, Curry, etc. I’ve used some of the phases myself and I’m certain some of the phases have been uttered about my creations and what I thought was good.

The question becomes, Who is right? Who is wrong? Who ultimately knows what is GOOD FOOD?

It took me many years of listening to people talk about food, reading reviews, trying foods, visiting shops, restaurants, traveling, taking photos and thinking about all these things to form my very humble OPINION.

I’ve concluded that EVERYONE IS RIGHT!!!

How is that possible? Easy!!! It’s because I can’t tell your brain, your taste buds, your olfactory nerves what is pleasurable to you. Our food “memories” and sense of enjoyment are based on a multitude of factors.

The first of which is our genetic make-up, the second I would venture to say is our childhood, followed by our culture, life experiences, our geographic location and probably several other factors, which escape me.

Here is a simple very unscientific case in point:

My closest friend LOVES Lima Beans. I find them VERY unappealing, the smell of them almost makes me sick. I won’t prepare them for clients. I don’t have the proper taste “recall” to even prepare them how anyone I know would enjoy them. Maybe if the payment is right I would but I’d probably do it with a mask on and my nose taped.

Why do I have a deep-rooted distain for them? Reason - I was “forced” to eat them as a child, they were not visually appealing, and they tasted horrible to me! Overall, I don’t care for most legumes with a greenish hue. Oh yeah, Okra although not a legume (it’s actually in the Hibiscus family), I still find it very unappealing taste wise. In some parts of the South if you make Gumbo without Okra, “it ain’t real Gumbo”, I’m told. Again, these preferences stem from my childhood and how I associated eating these as some sort of punishment and the fact that they just didn’t taste good to me.

On the opposite spectrum, I LOVE Cilantro. I’ve heard many people who dislike it describe the taste similar to soap, I got my mouth washed out with soap as a kid and it doesn’t taste the same to me. Research has shown that there are genetic factors why various people dislike the taste of Cilantro. My love for Cilantro is probably the reason why I enjoy Thai cuisine. Although, I didn’t discover this delectable herb until very later in my life.

Bottom line, I can’t TELL you what you are going to find scrumptious, delicious, delightful, etc. I don’t have your taste buds. I don’t know what your parents made you eat as a child that you dislike. (Fun Fact - If you were like me, I waited until my parents left the kitchen and wrapped 90% of the lima beans in a napkin and pushed it deep, deep, deep down in the trash. The last 10% I just forced them down.) I don’t know what crazy food dare you did your freshmen year in college that made you sick for 2 days. Nor have I mapped your DNA to determine what you are genetical programmed to enjoy taste wise.

I’ve rambled enough, here is the deal. No one with 100% accuracy can predict what others are going to find palatable. I definitely can’t tell you what to like or dislike or what you should say looks good or bad on a plate. I personally appreciate the negative feedback, as long as it is not disrespectful or mean. That will probably lead to another discussion or most likely you will be ignored.

It is very rare and unfair for me to publicly comment on another culinary creators’ food, drink, picture of food, etc. in a negative manner. Some people look at Pollock’s work and don’t appreciate or understand it. Google it… I’m not here to judge anyone, nor should I, especially when it comes to cuisine, I’m just not there yet with my own creations. In most cases, if asked about the food which I don’t care for, I’ll say it wasn’t for me and leave it at that, unless someone presses me for details. Even then I’ll tell them to try it themselves, unless I know there is a health, religious or other factor that I should bring to their attention. Even some of my closest friends and family members disagree on various foods. It’s life, everything isn’t for everyone. This goes for some of my own creations, although I urge you to try them. LOL

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison”, you know all the tired clichés so I won’t “Show you the same chicken twice”, an old friend from Bangladesh use to say that. I’m not sure if he made it up or it’s something that people in Bangladesh commonly say.

Eat what YOU like, and whatever you find scrumptious, delicious, delightful, etc. so be it. I can’t tell you what you must like, it’s not my job. Yes, I do understand the global implications of various diets and eating or not eating certain things, I GET IT and again these are just my thoughts on the topic of what people find scrumptious, delicious, delightful or nasty. I don’t have time to argue. Maybe I’ll think about the global implications of our diets and write my useless opinion on it.

I’ll leave you with this, I love Truffles but I’m not a fan of mushrooms and technically they are both considered generally to be fungi. What do I know!!!

May Peace Be upon you. Anything that I have written here that is incorrect comes from me and I’ve made mistake before and I’ll make more. I’m just trying to do better and eat better…

Be happy, be humble, smile, be nice, love, laugh find something good to eat and share it with someone. They may not like it!!!!


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