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Meal Prep Service 

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What is “Meal Prep” Meal Preparation?

Meal preparation, often referred to as meal prep, is the process of planning and preparing meals. Meal preparation often involves preparing meals ahead of time for a short or period of time. This is an idea process for people who desire to lose weight, gain muscle mass, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or who do not have time to cook regularly. Advance preparation can serve to standardize food portions. Meal preparation items are fully cooked. Meals may be prepared in small containers such as Tupperware, and are sometimes labeled and dated to remain organized.

How does it work?

First time clients may contact us via our website or call us at +1-610-910-8495, to arrange a brief 10-15 min. meeting to discuss your dietary preferences, food allergies, diet goals, pricing, etc. One can decide on selecting meals from our weekly menu or have a more customized plan geared specifically for you at an additional fee. Finally, you determine delivery and/or pick-up options.

What is on the menu?

Amazing gourmet meals that will excite your taste buds. We work to get the freshest ingredients for our cuisine. We try to work with local resources whenever possible. Many of the items are artisan items such as our fresh pasta and microgreen. We specialize in Fusion Cuisine meaning we blend foods, techniques and spices from varies regions and cultures throughout the world. All to bring you a high-level dining experience with your meals.

How much does it cost?

Cost for the basic plan varies depending on the number of meals, delivery option, specialty items, etc. Current Pricing: (Subject to change, does not include delivery fee and PA State tax) $145.00 – 2 Meals a day for 5 days (1 client would have 2 meals a day)

How are payments made?

We accept cash, credit cards and most electronic payment applications such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Square, etc. If decide to purchase meals we can provide more information on the payment process and schedule.

What areas do you service?

We primarily service the Southern Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware and Central/South New Jersey area, our commercial kitchen facility is located in Trainer, PA (Delaware County, Pennsylvania). Clients can arrange for pickup at the facility or pay for delivery.

Any there any other requirements or restrictions?

We prefer that all new clients purchase at least one weeks of meal prep initially. Subscription clients and new clients may receive discounts.

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